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DSC 12/08/2011 Arisia Rrab – Green Lantern of Sector 2815

Well for this sketch challenge I was inspired by a pose I saw in the Supergirl - May Happy Returns Trade Paperback where Supergirl meets Supergirl!

Anyway the basic sketch here took about 20minutes and then another 15 to get the coloring done.

So here we see Arisia Rrab, Green Lantern of Sector 2815

Sketch: Modern Savages?

Been watching the coverage of the rioters looting and burning across London this evening (and over the past couple of days). While the initial riot on thursday evening could be attributed to tension following the shooting of a young man by police (currently under investigation by Independent Police Complaints Commission), the rioting springing up across london over the following days up to this evening seem more concerned with causing damage as opposed to having any relation to the original incident.  I was trying to get things clear in my own head and was sketching while watching the coverage. Modern Savages? Maybe. Certainly not civilised behaviour.

Jack Staff [Original Artwork: Ian Churchill] Variant Colored Cover to WWOJS #21

Well I found the inked drawing by Ian Churchill on a random Google search and thought it would be great to color. I then noticed that it was the cover to Weird World of Jack Staff #21 so I used the colored cover image as a guide/inspiration but gave it my own spin. So where the original cover has the hero on a roof with a cloudy daylight sky (complete with overlayed images of other cast members), I decided to make my version a night time piece. I think it turned out ok.

Sketch – Sad Robot

Feeling a bit down this weekend, and this is the result. Was just messing about in PSP using the art media brushes trying to take my mind off things. Not sure what it says other than I am trying to keep my disappointment in check (as usual) and failing miserably (again as usual).  Also feelings of isolation or of lack of support and uncertainty over a decision at work I guess are creeping in re being lost in the woods. Dunno. Or could just be a sad robot. Probably just a sad robot.

Edit: I realised after talking to people that they were concerned by this pic or rather the text I had chosen to go along with it. By Isolation I was simply referring to being provided very poor support on a decision I have to make. Nothing more sinister than that. I have edited the above to hopefully clarify.







Sketch – The Baldy Man

Well I was trying out a new (to me) piece of software tonight called Paint Tool Sai, a great little drawing tool from Japan for use with drawing tablets. Originally created for the manga anime market i believe, but the tools make it suitable for any digital drawing or painting. There is a nice selection of brush/pen types and you can even draw in vectors and then tweak your line widths if you feel you were a bit light or heavy on the tablet while drawing. Anyway I drew this head shot tonight just to see how easy to use and flexible it was – and I would certainly be happy to run this alongside my old favourite Paintshop Pro.

The Watcher In The Woods

Well I was playing about with my Bamboo tablet while watching/listening to movies on the TV and somehow came up with this. I was just trying to do something in shades of grey to  get a scary/disturbing looking face (not sure if i am quite there but I think the eyes at least seem to look right into you). Once the face and shoulders were there, I just drew in some random branches/trees and put in a gradient background.

WSC 010711 Shaun of the Dead

Another weekend another sketch challengeover at Outcast – the challenge was to sketch up your favourite animation or transform a non animated show or movie into a cartoon.

I love Shaun of the Dead with Simon Pegg and Nick Frost and thought it would make a great ongoing animated series so here is my “poster” for it. based on movie promotional material.

A Thing in the Swamp

Ok.. this is totally not my normal style. I was just messing about with my pen and the various brush presets in PSP8 and this emerged. The only definite additions were the grass and a dark green in the background. The rest I just drew on the tablet fairly randomly. If you look at the pic from a few feet away and squint.. it kinda looks like a figure made of leaves and plants…. hence the title…I added some lighter ‘leaves’ to give some definition and we have an impressionist Swamp Thing.

Superman In Flight

I thought i would expand my repertoire(sp?) a little and have a go at using my tablet for something a little different than smudging photos. Here is a digital painting of Superman done only with the tablet and pen, the pose is based on a scan of a page i found on the web. I used this for the basic shapes and to give me an idea of where to put some shadows and highlights. I didn’t get round to doing the legs, so a bit of motion blur will had to do… Let me know what you think.