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Real Heroes

I created this image and accompanying text for the Freedom Endures Contest over at :iconfansforcap:

Real Heroes:

Another day and another presentation, one of the duties that Steve Rogers hadn’t really considered when he stepped into that army laboratory all those decades ago. Not that he really minded, it was just that he was never particularly comfortable with the false pomp, despite having lost count of the number of times he had attended one of these things. He mused to himself that while he would rather have been off fighting somewhere he was also supposed to be a symbol of inspiration to the whole nation – even now when there often was no clearly defined enemy as there had been during World War II. It was perhaps even more important that he show up and press the flesh, make people feel comfortable that there were greater powers out there protecting them.

So here he was in the Village accepting a gaudy looking gold plated key from the chairman of the local business association on behalf of the Avengers as a token of gratitude for saving the City from some menace or other. Steve smiled and waved for the crowds, the mid afternoon sun glinting sharply off his shield and casting reflected light onto the upturned faces around the makeshift stage upon which he stood. A final wave and then down the steps so sign some autographs and take some pictures with the locals. As he descended a flash of light from somewhere high to his left caught his eye and he turned to see a mushroom of flame and dust blossoming from midway up one of the nearby skyscrapers.

Springing from midway down the steps, Cap rushed through the crowd issuing orders for them to move back towards Bleecker Street and away from the explosion. Smoke and dust was already starting to billow down the street towards the milling crowd. Some people were moving quickly back in the opposite direction but others were standing arms outstretched, the obligatory mobile phones in hand capturing the event for posterity.

Leaving crowd control to the police Cap sprinted into the ever thickening dust cloud which was forming between the high buildings, weaving his way through the passers by running in the opposite direction. Sirens sounded in the distance signalling the on duty police had already radioed in what was happening. As he approached the foot of the burning building a deafening crack sounded overhead causing Cap to look upward. A large portion of the side of the building was starting to buckle outward due to the heat and stress. As he surveyed the damage, masonry began falling to the street. Without really pausing for thought Cap gathered up the stragglers exiting the building and almost pushed them back along the street to safety, using his shield to deflect falling pieces away from the survivors.

After ensuring those nearest to the building were clear of danger, the Captain turned just in time to see some of the floors above the flames give up their battle and begin to finally collapse in on to the fire damaged floors below. A wave of worry and anger rose in him, worry that there may still be people in the building and anger at himself for not moving faster. As he watched the flames leaping through the cracked and broken walls of the once tall building he put his anger aside and steadied himself. Sirens blared around him and glancing over his shoulder he saw the flashing lights of the fire engines approaching through the smoke.

As the engines halted the firemen exploded out, moving into position like a well oiled machine. Hydrants were tapped and water began blasting the blazing building, preventing the blaze from spreading further into the damaged building or spreading to it’s nearest neighbours. Knowing it would be foolhardy to interfere with the fire suppression, Captain America took charge of ensuring anyone exiting the building made their way safely to the hastily set up triage area back along the street, near where he had stood smiling in the sunshine earlier.

As the fire was brought under control rescue crews began pushing up into the building, Cap alongside them as they began the search for survivors. The search continued through the night and into the next morning as the teams slowly worked their way up into the mangled mess that was formerly the middle three or four floors of the building. As they passed into the 17th floor, they entered a larger space where the floor above had caved in leaving a large cavern like gap in the centre of the building.

Sunlight filtered in through holes in the outer wall. As they picked their way through the wreckage, one of the firemen heard a faint groan from beneath a pile of rubble. A he rushed over to investigate, Cap surveyed the area. Spotting a large beam which would prevent access to the area he carefully picked it and began lifting it out of the way, muscles straining beneath his shirt. Seeing what he was trying to do other members of the team rushed to help Cap move the beam away.

Together the team cleared away the remaining debris, freeing the unfortunate office worker who had been trapped there all night. As the paramedics arrived to see to the survivor, Cap and his team moved further into the building, their hopes of finding more survivors raised.

WSC 151011 Zombified – Beast

The weekend challenge over at Outcast is to make your favourite character into a ravenous zombie [link]

I decided to do Beast (Marvel 616 classic blue pre kitty cat version) and he is where I have got to so far – beast bouncing down a corridor in the x-mansion looking for more brains  and encountering someone scanning the hallways for zombies – hence a targetting overlay for the zombie detector built and operated by Forge (probably)

For those interested in this sort of thing, here are some of the WIP steps

Note that I changed the overlay text based on a suggestion by Nate over at outcast to make it look more like a database output.

DSC 121011 Haunt No1 2nd Print Homage

Today’s  sketch challenge – Image/Todd McFarlane’s Haunt

I used the 2nd Print Cover to Issue #1 as reference

For those interested the rough sketch below took about 20-30 mins, I haven’t drawn him before and kept wanting to turn him into Spidey / Venom;)

DSC 111011 The Scream – Almost

Another fun sketch challenge today – Ghostface from the Scream movie franchise.

Was surprised noone had submitted this for the challenge yet given the mask was modelled on Edvard Munch’s painting The Scream but here is my crappy homage to that painting and the film – just over 60mins in Sai.

DSC 101011 Lon Chaney Jr

Today’s challenge was to do a sketch of the great Lon Chaney Jr – horror stalwart and sometime Wolfman/Frankenstein actor.

I wanted to do something a it different so I used the following as reference and

Each sketch took about 30 mins so 60 mins in total.

The Boys of Summer

Well I was going through some of photos for sketch challenge over at Outcast (the one i ended up submitting images of my dad and granddad for) and found this image of me and my brother taken back in the 70s – probably 76 judging by the rosy tans

anyway I thought I would have a go at sketching it and this is the result. Too late sadly to add to the other submissions for the challenge but felt I should finish it and thus complete 3 generations of the family [link]

Done entirely in Sai.

WSC 08/10/2011 T.H.U.N.D.E.R Noman Revamp

This weekend’s challenge over at Outcast was to reimagine a public domain character [link] using one of the characters from PDSH [link]

I browsed through the characters and came across NoMan [link] – Anthony Dunn transferred his consciousness into a series of artificial bodies to try and become immortal – he became founding member of T.H.U.N.D.E.R. and gained an invisibility cloak.

In my reimagining, Anthony Dunn is a scientist working on invisibility and phasing technology to allow infiltration of enemy facilities without causing damage. While still in the early stages of testing Dunn was bombarded with unstable energy from his phasing generator which caused his body to being to erode away into dust. Unwilling to give up on life just yet, Dunn managed to reach another piece of experimental equipment within the lab, managing to transfer his consciousness into the formerly lifeless body of a battle droid.

Forced to live within the artificial body Dunn continued with his work, hoping for a way to reconstitute his own body and return to it. Unable to stabilise the phasing process he abandoned this part of his project to concentrate on the invisibility angle, ultimately creating a suit that was capable of bending electromagnetic energy around itself. This effectively left the wearer invisible to most forms of detection.

The government was unwilling to test the suit on another person and so Dunn (as a robot) was forced to test it. Instead of returning to the military base he was working from, he used it to escape in order to be free to continue his own agenda while using the suit to help others when he could as NoMan

Valkyrie – Frost Maiden

Well I saw this sketch [link] by Monet88 [link] and was so inspired by the pose and style that I decided to use it as a reference for my own Valkyrie image.

Here we see young Brunhilde leaving a Frost Giant Camp in Jotunheim after having defeated them as a right of passage into adulthood. In accordance with tradition she has blooded her face as proof of her accomplishment.

I liked the basic pose and style of Monet’s interpretation of Ultimate Valkyrie, so this is as much a homage to his image as to the Marvel Comic character.

Spiderman – Wanted 1977

Well I finally got this finished (well as finished as it is going to be).  I was reminded the other week of going to see the original Spiderman movie (with Nicholas Hammond) back in 1977 and thought it would be fun to do a picture inspired by that movie costume.

Wanted to capture that haunted/hunted feel that Spidey often has with the Bugle trying to turn everyone against him. Drawn and painted in Sai – time taken? Far too long 😉 Enjoy.


DSC 06/10/2011 Matthew Macgregor

I wasn’t familiar with today’s daily sketch challenge [link] subject so here is the low down –

Matthew Macgregor is a descendant of Scottish outlaw Robert “Rob Roy” Macgregor, the protagonist is a stubborn and grumbly retired Pinkerton in the Zuda Comic series High Moon and demonstrates a degree of ritual psychometry. He carries a pair of pistols with the words Gáe Bolga carved into the hilts. His bullets of choice are Blaine Bullets. Mac’s history shows a past with James Bowie, Abe Lincoln, Allan Pinkerton, and Marie Laveau.

Time taken about 45mins in Sai. Looks a bit too crocodile dundee to be honest but hey ho…

WSC 01/10/2011 (#2) Running Free

Due to yesterday being such a long and almost pointless day at work and not being in a position to have the data I need today – I am not in work. So I have taken the opportunity to do another submission for the weekend challenge over at Outcast [link]

Done using Droemar’s tutorial [link] and this reference [link] (found by Jay Kay over at outcast)

Most of the image was done in Sai as normal, but added the clouds and water in MyPaint. Roughly 2hours work I think.

Outcast Studios – Live Draw Night – 25/09/2011 – Hour 4

Outcast Studios (home of the Deviant Daily Sketch Challenge) had a great little event this evening – a mock convention Artists Alley with appropriate fan request challenges. [link]

The fourth hour challenge was a particularly fun one (despite my ongoing stomach pains) – recreate a comic cover but instead of the original subject(s) use one of the revamped characters from DC ‘New’ Universe. I decided to use Spectacular Spider-man No 40 [link] as the inspiration. So instead of Peter Parker changing into the Lizard, we have Dick Grayson changing in Killer Croc. Kinda.  It’s late, it took longer than I planned and is the best I can manage at the moment. Realised after I posted it I hadn’t finishing coloring some bits – sue me. I’m tired and sore.









Outcast Studios – Live Draw Night – 25/09/2011 – Hour 3

Outcast Studios (home of the Deviant Daily Sketch Challenge) had a great little event this evening – a mock convention Artists Alley with appropriate fan request challenges. [link]

The third hour challenge was split into two parts, each with a 25 min time limit:

  • Produce a Group shot with Doc Strange, Iron Fist, Batman Beyond, Spidergirl and Powergirl.
  • Produce another Group shot with the above but change the sex of one character and the age of another.

I made a start but my stomach started hurting and I had to take a break. When I came back I got the basic layout of the first part figured out, but it was nowhere near good enough to post so I just left it and moved onto Hour 4.

Edit: I managed to concentrate on Monday night long enough to get the two parts completed and posted.

Part 1 – (Including time spent last night) Took 1.5 hours:


Part 2 – Changes took just under 25 mins. Powergirl became Powerman, and Iron Fist let himself go a bit as he got older:




Outcast Studios – Live Draw Night – 25/09/2011 – Hour 2

Outcast Studios (home of the Deviant Daily Sketch Challenge) had a great little event this evening – a mock convention Artists Alley with appropriate fan request challenges. [link]

The second hour challenge was to produce a a scene involving Red Sonja and Death Dealer either fighting each other or someone else or celebrating a battle. Pretty much anything as long as it involved at least these two characters.

I decided to do them leading a horde into battle. This took me just over the 45 minute mark but I think it works.

WSC 24/09/2011 – Dad

A second submission for the Outcast Weekly Challenge, and I am really really happy how this turned out.

I drew this picture of my Dad (also called Bill) using as reference an unplanned photo I took of him back in 2005

He was struggling with his health but was still trying to be independent. I guess it is that determination that all of us kids have inherited (to a lesser or greater extent) – to just keep soldiering on no matter what shit life throws at you. Most of us also inherited his volatile temper ;) although like him we have mellowed with age.
Done in Sai, an hour or so this morning before heading out to a comic fair and then finished off this evening. Maybe 3 hours in total as I wanted to really capture him.

DSC 20/09/2011 Wolverine: Old Man Logan

Wolverine: Old Man Logan is an eight-issue storyline from the Wolverine ongoing series by writer Mark Millar and artist Steve McNiven. It began in June 2008, ran through Wolverine #66-72 and ended in Wolverine Giant-Size Old Man Logan in September 2009.

oday’s daily sketch was to do a representation of this old Wolverine [link]. Done in Sai using Simon Lang from Avatar as the photo reference.  Time taken just over 60 mins