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The Endless: Park Life (or Parkless?)

Ryanarya posted the link at the bottom in the no topic thread to a page where you can create your own characters in the South Park style. We had a big influx of pics of our very own artists done in this style. And I got a wee bit of inspiration. Thanks Ryanarya. Here we have The Endless (L-R Destruction, Delirium, Despair, Dream, Death, Desire, Destiny) This was a lot of fun to do. I used the page applet to get the basics done, then tweaked and added stuff in PSP. Brought them altogether on a nice hill under the stars. Hope you all like them.

Superman In Flight

I thought i would expand my repertoire(sp?) a little and have a go at using my tablet for something a little different than smudging photos. Here is a digital painting of Superman done only with the tablet and pen, the pose is based on a scan of a page i found on the web. I used this for the basic shapes and to give me an idea of where to put some shadows and highlights. I didn’t get round to doing the legs, so a bit of motion blur will had to do… Let me know what you think.

Thundercats Teaser

I got caught up in the thrill of nostaliga caused by the Thundercats theme day, and couldnt resist throwing this teaser poster together The logo is my own vector drawing, metal effects by eyecandy, light glow by animation shop [i did an animated one, but accidentally deleted it 🙁 ] anyways… enjoy;)

Pity rumours of a live action movie haven’t come to anything.. sigh.. maybe one day. I would even settle for a feature length animated movie.. Transformers had one after all.