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DSC 121011 Haunt No1 2nd Print Homage

Today’s  sketch challenge – Image/Todd McFarlane’s Haunt

I used the 2nd Print Cover to Issue #1 as reference

For those interested the rough sketch below took about 20-30 mins, I haven’t drawn him before and kept wanting to turn him into Spidey / Venom;)

WSC 08/10/2011 T.H.U.N.D.E.R Noman Revamp

This weekend’s challenge over at Outcast was to reimagine a public domain character [link] using one of the characters from PDSH [link]

I browsed through the characters and came across NoMan [link] – Anthony Dunn transferred his consciousness into a series of artificial bodies to try and become immortal – he became founding member of T.H.U.N.D.E.R. and gained an invisibility cloak.

In my reimagining, Anthony Dunn is a scientist working on invisibility and phasing technology to allow infiltration of enemy facilities without causing damage. While still in the early stages of testing Dunn was bombarded with unstable energy from his phasing generator which caused his body to being to erode away into dust. Unwilling to give up on life just yet, Dunn managed to reach another piece of experimental equipment within the lab, managing to transfer his consciousness into the formerly lifeless body of a battle droid.

Forced to live within the artificial body Dunn continued with his work, hoping for a way to reconstitute his own body and return to it. Unable to stabilise the phasing process he abandoned this part of his project to concentrate on the invisibility angle, ultimately creating a suit that was capable of bending electromagnetic energy around itself. This effectively left the wearer invisible to most forms of detection.

The government was unwilling to test the suit on another person and so Dunn (as a robot) was forced to test it. Instead of returning to the military base he was working from, he used it to escape in order to be free to continue his own agenda while using the suit to help others when he could as NoMan

Valkyrie – Frost Maiden

Well I saw this sketch [link] by Monet88 [link] and was so inspired by the pose and style that I decided to use it as a reference for my own Valkyrie image.

Here we see young Brunhilde leaving a Frost Giant Camp in Jotunheim after having defeated them as a right of passage into adulthood. In accordance with tradition she has blooded her face as proof of her accomplishment.

I liked the basic pose and style of Monet’s interpretation of Ultimate Valkyrie, so this is as much a homage to his image as to the Marvel Comic character.

Spiderman – Wanted 1977

Well I finally got this finished (well as finished as it is going to be).  I was reminded the other week of going to see the original Spiderman movie (with Nicholas Hammond) back in 1977 and thought it would be fun to do a picture inspired by that movie costume.

Wanted to capture that haunted/hunted feel that Spidey often has with the Bugle trying to turn everyone against him. Drawn and painted in Sai – time taken? Far too long 😉 Enjoy.


WSC 01/10/2011 (#2) Running Free

Due to yesterday being such a long and almost pointless day at work and not being in a position to have the data I need today – I am not in work. So I have taken the opportunity to do another submission for the weekend challenge over at Outcast [link]

Done using Droemar’s tutorial [link] and this reference [link] (found by Jay Kay over at outcast)

Most of the image was done in Sai as normal, but added the clouds and water in MyPaint. Roughly 2hours work I think.

Goblyn Queen Re-Inked and Flat Colors

Found some time the past couple of evenings to do some more work on the Goblyn Queen. This involved tweaking the line work based on some excellent comments over at Outcast Studios. Basically thinned a lot of the upper linework and thicked some of the lower lines, especially the demon at her knee. Added some extra detailing to the skulls and some more rock to the right hand side. Also some bits of shading.

Anyway here is my initial take on the flat colors:

And for those completists, here are the new uncolored inks:

X-Statix Girls with Doop [Pencils: Kevin Newburn] Inks and Flats

Well I started this some time ago in PSP X2 but recently redid the inks completely in Sai. Following the pencils of my old friend Kevin Newburn [link] whose work you can find at both that link and also at [link]

I always enjoy working on Kev’s stuff, his style just appeals to me.

x-statix is of course copyright Marvel/Disney

And  then I figured I had time to do the flat colors on it too so here we go

DSC 09/09/2011 Red Sonja

Well this week’s sketch challenges have all been red heads and today is no different. Dynamite’s Red Sonja ( She-Devil with a Sword ) [link]

Most of this week I haven’t had the time to do much more than layout so I took a bit longer this evening (1Hr) and tidied up my sketch and added a wee bit of color. After loading the image I realised she must be holding her sword with her butt cheeks – reloaded with appropriate strapping to hold the sword in place – lol

Also after looking again at the image,  I see a bit of a resemblance to Lauren Ambrose (Clare from Six Feet Under / Jilly Kitzenger in Torchwood: Miracle Day)

DSC 070911 – Oracle: Barbara Gordon – Say Hello Wave Goodbye [WIP]

I am like a lot of fans looking forward to seeing Babs back in action as Batgirl, but I will miss the fact that one of the most positive portrayals of a disabled characters in comics will no longer be there. I think that Babs as oracle was actually more socially significant than Babs as Batgirl (a female derivative of a male character). The character became important in it’s own right rather than being dependant on Batman.

Edit: Also one of the greatest Batman/Joker stories ever told – Killing Joke – I was worried it “now” never happened. Ignore this worry, I have been reliably informed that this is still canon – so good work by Gail Simone on Batgirl #1 I – looking forward to picking it up at store.

Anyway this is for today’s challenge over at #dailysketchchallenge [link]

A farewell to Oracle. I didn’t get as much done on finalising the drawing as I had hoped in the time but I think I was a bit ambitious – trying to show Barbara contemplating her past as Batgirl (and now her future). I did some basic coloring to give an idea of where i was going – and may still finish this

Oracle/Batgirl/Barbara Gordon copyright DC Comics.

Lara Croft Inked [Pencils: Steven Lisefski]

Well Steven Lisefski [link] was so gracious about me inking and coloring his Black Panther (Pencils: [link] / Inks: [link] / Colors: [link] ) that I thought I would surprise him with another inking.

This was another of his #dailysketchchallenge submissions and was intended as a quick drawing. Steven did express some reservations about the face, so I did my best to address this in the inking. I may have made his cave dwellers a bit too cute (although Lara still has no problem shooting them)

Pencils: [link]

Deviant DSC Weekend Challenge: X-Men First Class

This weekend’s sketch challenge  [link] was a 2 hour rendition of the X-Men (your preferred perfect class in the original uniforms.  Well the Original or First Class was my preferred choice so here we are:

Characters: X-Men, Angel, Beast, Cyclops, Iceman, Jean Grey
Copyright: Marvel

Tools: Paint Tool Sai
Time: 2 hours
Fun: Lots!

And here are a couple of WIP steps for those interested in that sort of thing:

WIP – Midnight Rider #3 (and basic color test)

Ok, had some food and now a couple of hours later this thing is really coming together.  I think both horse and rider and ready to start “inking” over but I am going to leave it to later to do that.


Meantime here is a rough color test of the image so far. I did this just to get an idea of where I am going. This is by no means finished 😉  Now I am going to leave it alone before I break it. Will post some more images once I do a bit more work.