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DCG REDO: Angelina/Domino

For this theme day I decided to have a go at redoing the image previously submitted by Sticks over at C2F. I already had this base pic on my hard disk, So i thought I might as well have a go at redoing this Domino. I coloured the clothes and wristband purple. next i added longer hair manually. Added the x-logo (my own design) on her top. Finally i added a copy of the original manip for comparison. Not sure if its an improvement. Ah well better luck next time.


On the Wings of Revenge

Angela Braddock Worthington, only daughter to Betsy Braddock (Psylocke) and Warren Worthington III (ArchAngel). Born in an alternate reality where the Sentinel have hunted mutants almost to extinction, Angela has been on the run with her parents since the day she was born. Her parents have been killed. Angela is all alone. She has had enough. Using her fathers old costume, she fashions a new identity for herself and takes the battle to the Sentinel. She becomes Angel.

Powers: Angie is a mutant who can fly by means of natural wings, which span 10 feet from tip to tip, augmented by telekensis (both powers inherited from her parents. Her anatomy is adapted for flight: her bones are partially hollow like a bird’s, her body is almost devoid of fat, she possesses greater proportionate muscle strength than a normal human. Angie also has the ability to manifest a molecule thick energy field, endowing blade like objects with the capability of slicing through virtually any substance. Her telekenesis means she has the ability to levitate herself and up to 500 Pounds.

Well thats the story…. here are the facts… Base Model: UK Actress Anna Friel How it was done: duplicated original picture and greyscaled it as a new layer. erased and smudged out the face and hair. removed some blemishes from the body, then added the classic blue costume. eyes coloured blue. mask and lipstick added. wings added and shaded/coloured by suit reflection. three bladed claw with hand grip added, shadows and reflections worked in. added glow effect to the blades and added corresponding highlights to the hand and grip. finally added part of the halo to the chest, and the text. Hope you like it. LH;)

Rick Schroeder as the Human Torch

I noticed someone suggesting this casting for a Fantastic Four film, and i thought.. hmm.. that might work. The head is from a NYPD Blue publicity shot, the body is the same bodybuilder i used for my Captain America. I corrected the colours on the head and body to more closely match them. I then created a repeating flame texture, which i overlayed onto the body layer. spot flames were added, then smudged and blended around the body. finally i added some fiery eyes and the 4 logo on his chest. It was just a quickie, let me know what u think of the casting or the picture.

Ferrus Maximus

Well this was just a little bit of fun, that turned out not too bad. The base picture is of Russell Crowe in Gladiator. His existing costume was coloured red. The gold ‘chainmail’ was added as several layers, with the grid recouloured and offset slightly for a 3d look. The helmet was inspired by a Bowden model. Majour amounts of smudging and smoothing later, and it looks fairly good. i also burned the face under the mask to give it more shadows. LH;)

Nick Fury, Agent Of S.H.I.E.L.D

Here is a mod of one of the Shaft publicity shot’s to a Nick Fury (ala Ultimates) Poster. If they ever made the Ultimates into a film, the casting has already been done in the comic;)

It may not look much but I remember the additional highlighting on the buildings took forever, and I think the eyepatch and scarring turned out nice. Here is the Original

C N F : The Usual SuspeX

Well here is my little contribution to the ComicsNFilm Day. Here we have Wolvie, Cyclops, Gambit, Nightcrawler and Morph. I’m not sure which one is Kaiser Soza. wolvies claws, cycs mask & gambits card added from scratch. all colouring done by hand. it may not be pretty.. but i find it amusing;) LH;)

The Tempest: Storm Rising

My latest piece was a request from my parnet. I removed the jewellery from the base picture. Added the uniform. the hair is a negative of halle’s own hair messed about and smudged to give it a better feel. added the piping on the uniform. the eyes were done in a couple of stages, first drawn and shaded by hand over the original eyes, then the glow was added using PSP starburst function(thanks Sue for pointing that out). the lightning added and softened in the back. finally the title was added. regards LH;)

The Fantastic Four (Minus Two)

I think casting Harrison Ford as Reed with Anne Heche as Sue would work very well. they have acted together in an action comedy to great effect, but both can provide very strong dramatic performances too. not sure yet who i would have completing the FF, maybe Heath Ledger as Johnny and Bruce Willis as Ben/Thing Voice.

Rogue Relaxing

This work was inspired by both the X-Men film costumes and Alex Ross’ designs. The model is Ali Landry. My first attempt at Rogue’s distinctive hair, i think it works.. but could probably be better. The trousers have been adjusted to raise the waistband and ad the logo and piping. additional highlighting added. the bustier has been highlighted with piping design. The yellow gloves done from scratch with black piping and logo added. Additional highlighting and lowlighting added to the gloves and piping on the costume. Although i havent drawn it, in with this costume concept would be a long-sleeved hooded frockcoat with an X in matching yellow piping across the chest. Hope you like this one. LH;)

Mystique – Bend Me, Shape Me, Any Way You Want Me

I thought i would try something a little different with this manipulation. A magazine info page similar to what you get in FHM, Esquire etc. The base model is Estella Warren. I first used the lasso tool to cut out all the exposed flesh onto a new layer, which i then altered the skin colour to blue. I did the same process with the hair, making it red. These two layers were then merged and the edges softened and smudged to provide the basis for coloring the original pic. This was done by changing the layer’s blend mode property to Color. I wasnt happy with the tone so i duplicated the color layer and altered the blend mode to Multiply. This gave me some much richer tones. I altered the base picture to remove ornamentation/fastenings on the dress, and added her forehead skull and blended and shaded it to match. All these layeres were then merged and the resulting picture was run through an edge preserving smooth filter to give it a more painted/inked feel. Finally ripped som bio details from the marvel site and added some logos etc. Let me know what you think. All done using PSP7 in about 2 hours.

Leave Hulk Alone!!

My First proper composition rather than just adding costume. The basis for the hulk’s chest/head came from a pic of a Randy Bowen model. The Arm was frankensteined from a Jim Sweet model , flipped and merged. Legs from Lee Priest with calve muscles bulked up by cutting below the knee, enlarging, pasting back onto original pic. The perspective on the legs were then altered to thicken and elongate them slightly. legs arms and torso combined and blended. pants drawn on then coloured(still not happy with effect). Finally found a nice desert shot for a background, added some shadow and if you look closely you will see hulk needs to wash his feet;). Hope you like and feel free to point out where ive gone wrong with the pants 😛

My First Manipulation – Invisible Woman

Invisible Woman
Invisible Woman

Well here goes.. after a few weeks browsing the other submissions at the new defunct Comics2Films site (absorbed by, i decided to have a go myself. Found this pic.. somewhere;).. and thought.. hmm there could be a Sue Storm.. erm showing my age there.. Richards in it. This is my first mod. hope you like it.