The Daikun: Fearless [Pencils: Tumi Dolamo] Inked

Well I spotted this sketch [link] while browsing Tumi’s ( [link] ) gallery. I loved the perspective and was kindly given permission to ink it as a practice piece.  From Tumi’s art notes:

“I call him the Daikun(It’s not really Japanese or anything, even though it looks it. Just a made-up,nonsensical word) He battles monsters known as the Sheyde. Expect more from him in the near future”

The inking is a bit of a mish mash (hope you don’t mind Tumi) and I tried a few different techniques for the shading, I think it works for the most part. I wasn’t able to make out the lower hand on the rightmost “golem” so I sketched in something based on the other hands.

Done in Paint Tool Sai.


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