DSC 070911 – Oracle: Barbara Gordon – Say Hello Wave Goodbye [WIP]

I am like a lot of fans looking forward to seeing Babs back in action as Batgirl, but I will miss the fact that one of the most positive portrayals of a disabled characters in comics will no longer be there. I think that Babs as oracle was actually more socially significant than Babs as Batgirl (a female derivative of a male character). The character became important in it’s own right rather than being dependant on Batman.

Edit: Also one of the greatest Batman/Joker stories ever told – Killing Joke – I was worried it “now” never happened. Ignore this worry, I have been reliably informed that this is still canon – so good work by Gail Simone on Batgirl #1 I – looking forward to picking it up at store.

Anyway this is for today’s challenge over at #dailysketchchallenge¬†[link]

A farewell to Oracle. I didn’t get as much done on finalising the drawing as I had hoped in the time but I think I was a bit ambitious – trying to show Barbara contemplating her past as Batgirl (and now her future). I did some basic coloring to give an idea of where i was going – and may still finish this

Oracle/Batgirl/Barbara Gordon copyright DC Comics.

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