Sketch – Spiderman Costume Concepts

Just passing 10 minutes or so while waiting for my dinner, and thought I would have a go at a Spidey costume revamp like all the cool kids over at Marvel are doing these days.  Done over a DCUAnimated Male Teen Hero template.

The one on the left is of course traditional Spidey coloring, just a different configuration. I wanted to use the spider motif to differentiate the red and blue sections and so the middle set of legs on each side stretch down over the boots (front and back). For the mask I wanted to incorporate the multiple spider eyes look. Think it works ok.

The centre costume is obviously without color – along the lines of Spidey’s recent FF costume. The rightmost is a negative of the centre one (obviously) and could be seen as a variant of the Black/Symbiote/Venom costume.

Just a bit of fun really.


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