RPG Concept: Firefly

This was a concept pic I did a back before my pooter problems for a friends character for the Valiant RPG over at marvel-boards.co.uk.

I chose the pic of Rachel Leigh Cook, mostly because her hair was already pink (the color of the character’s) Other than RLC everything else was added to the pic, and all the jewellry she was wearing was removed(was wearing some chunky necklaces and rings). The wings were created using a fill called Digital Headache, which is basically like oil on water mixed with video feedback. Added a light and dark edge to the wings to give them some volume. they were set slightly transparent.

The bars are just gradient filled rectangles. if you look closely you will see them reflected in her eyes to. The background was just a grotty passageway image I found on google.. thought it looked like a dank prison. (Valiant are based in an old prison complex on Muir Island)

An updated BIO for the character can be found here (we moved to a new game)

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