X3: Emma Frost, Professor of Telepathy

Just another concept for the next X-Men movie. Courtney Thorne-Smith as Emma. Let’s face it, with this teacher you would definitely come to attention..

This was just a quickie really as we were discussing castings over on marvel-boards.co.uk and I wanted to do a realistic costume for Emma, but still keep her flirtatious, almost vampy style.. Found a suitable chest to use as a base and positioned it over the original t-shirt. Recolored it to more closely match the base. Used the smudge tool to extend the skin area. Cut out a distorted X shape. Used vector point to point to create highlights and shadows for seams around the X.

Found a chicken wire texture on the net, used this to create a fishnet style front piece for the t-shirt. Used the mesh warp tool to distort it to follow the curves of the chest and the pull of the t-shirt. created a drop shadow, and additional shadowing at the shoulders and chest for the t-shirt. Brightened up the eyes, and added the x to the belt. A simple gradient fill and border to give it a nice look.

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