Ultimate C2F: Ms. Jellybrain Telepath X-Treme

Ms. Jellybrain, Omega level Telepath and Telekinetic. Upon reaching puberty, Jellybrain lost her hair revealing a translucent scalp. The other side effect of her mutation was increased mental powers, which she initially used to place ‘artistic’ images into peoples minds. As her powers have increased, a further effect of her mutation has become apparant.. her brain glows lime green.. giving her head a jelly like appearance.. hence the chosen x-name.

Art: I think I managed to keep MsJellybrain’s lovely face pretty much untouched. Hope you don’t mind this little bit of fun 🙂 The pic is from the Yahoo album. So is the head.. you might recognise Robbo’s crowning glory. Blended the two images together and cut out the combined head on a new layer. Found the brain on the net and masked it into the head. The body is Jolene Blalock (T’Pol from Enterprise) which was recolored. The head was resized to match. Using masks I faded out a larger head in the background. The power effect was created using one of the tutorials in the Hints’n’tips thread. The background is a random pic from the net.

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