X3: Logan – Mutant Vs Metal REDUX

Based on the comments in the UIRs on my previous ‘BoneClaw’ Wolverine, I went back to the drawing board and began again. This is my first manip using PSP8.

I started with a much better quality pic of Wolvie running towards the camera in front of what looked like a bluescreen. The tunnel background was downloaded from google and placed over the top of the wolverine image, I then cut out wolverine’s shape from the background. I used the original metal claws to line up rectangles of my bone texture and then used the lassoo tool to cut out the shape (i made them longer than the originals). I also used the lassoo tool in conjunction with HSL to darken the flat sides of the claws. The blood was drawn on a multiply layer and then smudged out. The body on the background was added from another google find. logo from scratch. Let me know if this is an improvement. Using the same selection I cut out the background with I created a filled shape which was blurred, and distorted to make the shadow on the floor. I also made a gradient filled selection to tint wolverine to match the background more.

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