Joe Fixit – Grey Hulk

Well, someone used my old Hulk manip as a basis of a Joe Fixit pic. I thought i could do better so here it is. Starting with the original pic(which combined a Randy Bowen bust with a Jim Sweet statue and Lee Priest’s legs), minus the desert background, I removed the green hulk head. I remembered seeing another randy bowen statue of Fixit, and managed to find a publicity pic of the head and shoulders. I cut n pasted the head and neck onto a new layer over my hulk and began blending it in. I colorized the skin on all the layers with the same blue/grey. once everything was looking ok, i deformed the background hulk so it was a bit shorter and thicker. this would form the basic shape for joe fixit. I found a nice pic of a suit to use as a base, cutting various sections apart and blending them together on a new layer of the hulk pic. I’m not too happy with how the arms turned out, but was the best i could do in the circumstances. The legs of the suit from the original pic didnt cover the whole of hulks legs, so i duplicated and deformed them. I applied a woven blue texture over the whole suit set to overlay. the part over the tie was colourized to make it purple to match the hatband. next i added some highlights and shadows. finally the background and logos were added. the background was a bit bright, so i duplicated the layer, gaussian blurred it at a setting of 3, colorized it blue, then set it to multiply at about 50% opacity. Hope you like.

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