Supergirl Lives

I recently saw someone do a WW manip using this Kirsten Dunst base pic. I immediately said to myself she would make a great Supergirl and so here it is.

The S-logo is my own work using vectors. It is used on her shirt and in the main logo. The t-shirt was made by selecting the exposed skin on her chest and promoting it to a new layer. I then reduced the saturation and colored it slightly blue (as true white doesnt look like real white). I then smudged her breasts to give the impression it was figure hugging [after looking at it for a while, i guess i could have worked at this some more :)].

The skirt was added manually over her pants and shaded with a few wrinkles. The boot laces were added manually to the complete the costume. The background i created previously for some of my Cap America pics. It was lit to give the impression of bright spot lights. Added a shadow on the floor and wall manually using a deformed filled shape of kirsten, blurred using the gaussian blur. Also added a hint of some buildings at the foot of the flag. I think it turned out ok for a couple of hours work.

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