HULK – The Movie Adaptation

Just a cover concept for the adaptation of the HULK movie into a graphic novel. I think it kinda has an Alex Ross feel to it.

This is the latest in my series of manips based on busts.. although the base pic for this wasnt a bust as such.. but a cookie jar!!!. I found the base pic while browsing through a comic memorabilia store online, and it immediately caught my attention because of the quality of the sculpting. The first thing i had to do was remove the line where the lid (head and shoulders) and the body met using the smudge tool. I continued to smudge over the pic to get a more painted look. The bottom of the jar was smudged out to give the impression of paint thinning at the edges. Next I duplicated the layer, applied a gaussian blur of about 4, applied my own combination of brush stroke filters, and set the layer mode to lighten, this gave the picture a pleasing glow.

The Hulk logo was added and givem the same treatment. The ‘cloud’ box around Hulk is just that. It was a bluish picture of clouds at night, which again was given the paint treatment. This was placed on a new layer over Hulk, with the mode set to exclusion, which gives the greeny faded look. The area directly over the hulk was cut away and the edges softened to accentuate the glow. Finally grabbed the marvel logo from their site. I think it turned out pretty nice, so i hope the rest of you like it too.

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