Challenge: General Zod

JuvenileMike issued a challenge to do General Zod way back in November 2002 on C2F Here is my interpretation of Zod from the latest Superman run. I took some liberties, but i think they work.

The base model for this was body builder Chris Cormier. I started this months ago and have dipped in and out on a fairly frequent basis. The helmet was proving to be a complete and utter bastard, but i had a bit of inspiration when i found a nice clean pic of the Predator Mask, which i messed about with until it had a pleasing feel. The tubes were created by combining various sections of different industrial cable tubing bit. Added shading and shadows by hand. I particularly like how the eyes turned out.

The cloak started out as a piece of velvety fabric which i duplicated a few times and smudged together, adding hi and lo lights. The chainmail is an overlay layer containing the whole body with texture added and distorted to match muscles etc. The tunic is the body promoted to a layer of its own and smudged and softened. shadows were added to lift it away from the body where needed. The superman cloak was done using the vector tool and painted manually in various shades. Overall there are well over 100 layers in this piece.

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