Transgender: Rogue & Gambit – Savage Love

Here are my versions of Rogue and Gambit for the Transgender theme day. Rogue is Marcus Schenkenberg, I don’t know who the female in the pic is, but when i saw them together, i thought of Rogue & Gambit.

The original picture was black and white. I smoothed out the skin, smudging out nipples and blemishes. then i sketched out the basic costumes and colours. As i usually do, the costumes are built up in layers. if you look closely at the exposed areas of uniform you will see a woven texture to them. this is also me starting to do wrinkles and seams. the glasses were done from scratch. the white hair was drawn in three shades using the pen. Gambits coat is frankensteined from a raincoat advert. the dinosaur picture in the background i found on the web somewhere. i thought it gave a ‘savage land’ feel, hence the title. i then finalised the shadows and added the x-logos. i think it turned out quite nice.

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