Cyber2Reality: American McGee’s Alice

Well, this one kinda sneaked up on me. Here we see a promo poster for Wes Craven’s take on Alice from the American McGee game (one of my faves). This was a total frankenstein job, Rachel Leigh Cook’s face, body based on christy turlington, elements from game (logo, stained glass etc). the ‘omega’ pendant and all colouring, shading, lighting, wrinkles, additional hair by me. i really like this piece.

Note: Was originally created on a pc with a very dark screen, so the abrupt cut off on the arms and the background cheshire cat wasn’t noticed at the time.

One thought on “Cyber2Reality: American McGee’s Alice”

  1. I’m interested in watching this movie. I have the game and just started it. And the new sequel to the game. This looks really awesome though. I always enjoy the horror side of something nice. Thank you.

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