In the Blink of an Eye…

Just a concept i had for Blink;) The model is Diane Heidkruger. The base pic she was wearing black top and pants.

Skin coloured classic lilac, lips saturation on lips increased. highlighting added to black to give leather/pvc look. Added Circle and X to chest, with a black white gradient over to give shading. added pant detail and waist highlights, and shadow from hand on pants. added arm bands (in AOA Blink Colours) and shadows on upper arms. used a burn layer with the vector drawing tool to do those distinctive facial marks. Added flat colour eyes and shading layer.

Created a dart with a metallic gradient fill, which was duplicated and rotated a few times. this was moved to apper in the pocket i created on the pant leg to hold them. the pocket and darts were then shaded/highlighted. and a pink tint added to the top of the darts to show skin reflection.

Her hair was manipulated from another photo and shaded to match lighting. the pony tail i created myself using three shades of red/orange. this layer was then duplicated twice. once to adjust luminosity. and another as a dodge layer. the end of the ponytail was shadowed. created a multiple point star which was skewed and rotated to the right angle. two colours of corona added, white outside, purple inside. the whole thing then softened to complete the portal. the backdrop is from webshots, coloured blue to match mood of pic. finally logos added. hope you like.

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