Mystique – Bend Me, Shape Me, Any Way You Want Me

I thought i would try something a little different with this manipulation. A magazine info page similar to what you get in FHM, Esquire etc. The base model is Estella Warren. I first used the lasso tool to cut out all the exposed flesh onto a new layer, which i then altered the skin colour to blue. I did the same process with the hair, making it red. These two layers were then merged and the edges softened and smudged to provide the basis for coloring the original pic. This was done by changing the layer’s blend mode property to Color. I wasnt happy with the tone so i duplicated the color layer and altered the blend mode to Multiply. This gave me some much richer tones. I altered the base picture to remove ornamentation/fastenings on the dress, and added her forehead skull and blended and shaded it to match. All these layeres were then merged and the resulting picture was run through an edge preserving smooth filter to give it a more painted/inked feel. Finally ripped som bio details from the marvel site and added some logos etc. Let me know what you think. All done using PSP7 in about 2 hours.

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